SuperTopo Auction to Benefit Access Fund


This is an A5 Double Gear sling for big wall climbing. It was made over a decade ago and used by Chris McNamara on 40+ El Capitan and other big wall ascents. Shows some wear, but still works great and is comfortable. It has a full strength chest buckle in front. BENFIT AUCTION 100% of the proceeds go to the Access Fund, a non profit organization that keeps climbing areas open.


The 2008 SuperTopo Charity Auctions raised over $10,000 for climbing non-profits and Central Asia Institute. In 2009, as you can imagine, has been much harder to get to that number. BUT, that wont stop me from trying with one last auction for 2009 with all the proceeds benefiting the Access Fund. This auction features:

  • Belay Devices: ATC XP, Verso, VC Pro II

  • Helmets: Altios, Half Dome, Armour

  • My A5 gear sling (starting at $90 because it won't be easy to part with)

  • Some aiders

  • A Black Diamond shirt

  • A marmot hat

  • An old North Face Jacket

  • SuperTopo Seconds books signed by me.

  • All these items start bidding at $0.90 but you can also "Buy It Now" if you want to get one of the items as a present. 100% of proceeds goes to the Access Fund (I only keep the shipping costs and charge what it costs me to ship).


THE BASIC IDEA: (That I hope more people will emulate)

  1. I grab all slightly blemished books return by book stores AND all the stuff from my garage I have not used in a year

  2. list items on eBay

  3. the auction for the item is then promoted on SuperTopo

  4. 100% proceeds go to non-profits


  1. NON-PROFITS: 100% of proceeds goes to the non profits (in this case The Access Fund)

  2. YOU - you get a good deal on gear while feeling good that 100% of your purchase goes to a good cause.

  3. THE EARTH - idle stuff is being put back to use (supports reuse economy)

  4. ME - I de-clutter my life and get rid of extra books and extra gear donated by companies for gear reviews

In 2008 SuperTopo members raised the following: $5000 for Central Asia Institue match by $5000 from Rowell Award $500 for Yosemite Climbing Assn $2500 for Access Fund $250 for CRAGS $100 for Kismet Rock Foundation $100 for Kumbu Climbing School $25 for South Eastern Climbers Coalition $10 for Gunks Climbers' Coalition Rescue

Thank you everyone who has bid on auctions!