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During May, 25-percent of proceeds from new Summit memberships will go toward supporting climbing freelancers.

Our contributors—the photographers, writers, filmmakers, and photojournalists who create content for Climbing—are the lifeblood of the brand. They're the ones out there at the cliffs and in the mountains, plugged deeply into the community, reporting back on the cutting edge of the sport, on up-and-coming new destinations, on profiles of trend-setting climbers, on access issues and how those affect us all, on important social trends in climbing, and much more. While their work is visible, they themselves often go unseen. The bulk of our contributors are freelancers, meaning they live from gig to gig for various media outlets, Climbing included. As someone who has freelanced on and off for years, I can tell you it's a tough hustle. But also very rewarding.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, our contributors have been some of the first to take the economic hit of a standstill economy—and of a sport that's at a standstill as well, with crags closed, gyms closed, the Olympics on hold, and so on. They're seeing regular jobs dry up, having stories that were under way canceled, and are having to scramble to figure out what's next. At Climbing, we wanted to support them as best we could, and so have come up with the Climbing Contributors' Fund.

By joining our Summit Membership, you can be part of this initiative to help keep freelancers working. For every 50 new members who sign up, we'll set aside $500 in the fund for one contributor, and we'll be asking Summit Members to vote on the type of content they'd like to see in the upcoming weeks. Then, we'll funnel that money to a contributor to create that content for our Summit Members. It's a win-win proposition! You get to see the content you like best, and we get to keep our valued contributors busy.

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To help support the Climbing Contributor's Fund, Sterling is giving a HollowBlock2 to every member that joins during the month of May. (US subscribers only.)

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