Talus Outdoor Technologies sponsors Climbing 4 Spina Bifida’s journey to climb all 67 summits in New England higher than 4,000 feet Missoula, MT—June 9th, 2008— This month as John Page, founder of Climbing 4 Spina Bifida, sets out to climb New England’s 4,000 foot-and-higher summits, he and his expert team will be equipped with the Talus ColdAvenger™ cold weather facemask. Talus is the official supplier of protective face masks during Climbing 4 Spina Bifida’s East Coast Expedition, which includes ascending 67 peaks in a year and a half. The non-profit organization’s expedition is focused on raising awareness and money to fight Spina Bifida. All 67 peaks included in the East Coast Expedition, and their elevations, are listed below. The father of a five year old daughter with Spina Bifida, Page has found a way to use his passions for the outdoors to help fight the birth defect that affects between 1,500 and 2,000 newborns in America each year. “In this 18 month expedition I expect to open a lot of eyes about Spina Bifida,” says Page while discussing Climbing 4 Spina Bifida. “I gave this a lot of thought and the more I thought about it the more I believed people would get behind me.” Spina Bifida is the most common neural tube birth defect, which results from the bones in the spine not forming properly. Spina Bifida develops in the early stages of pregnancy and can most commonly be attributed to folic acid deficiencies. Among its messages, Climbing 4 Spina Bifida reminds women of the importance of folic acids in the daily diet. It is estimated that roughly 70% of all Spina Bifida cases could be eliminated by achieving the daily dose of folic acids like dark leafy greens and legumes before and during pregnancy. All proceeds earned through donations in support of the Climbing 4 Spina Bifida East Coast Expedition go to the Spina Bifida Association of America in Massachusetts. Founded and headquartered in Missoula, Montana, Talus Outdoor Technologies™ is a leading innovator in technologically-advanced outdoor gear. Talus is dedicated to helping outdoor enthusiasts Stay Out Longer.™ In 2007, Talus introduced the ColdAvenger,™ an advanced, high-qulaity cold weather protection mask developed by a physician and a skier. The ColdAvenger™ is the result of more than two years of research and development testing in Northern Rocky Mountain winters to achieve four functional goals: thermal comfort, ventilation adequacy, moisture control and ease of breathing during exercise. Talus is proud to provide an elite product while being socially and environmentally conscious.www.talusoutdoortech.comwww.climbing4spinabifida.orgEast Coast Expedition: The 67 peaks over 4,000 feet in New England- 1. Mt. Washington, NH- 6,288 ft 2. Mt. Adams, NH- 5,774 ft 3. Mt. Jefferson, NH- 5,712 ft 4. Mt. Monroe, NH- 5,384 ft 5. Mt. Madison, NH- 5,367 6. Mt. Katahdin, Baxter Peak, ME- 5,268 ft 7. Mt. Lafayette, NH- 5,260 ft 8. Mt. Lincoln, NH- 5,089 ft 9. South Twin Mountain, NH- 4,902 ft 10. Carter Dome Mountain, NH- 4,832 ft 11. Mt. Moosilauke, NH- 4,802 ft 12. Mt. Eisenhower, NH- 4,780 ft 13. North Twin Mountain, NH- 4,761 14. Mt. Katahdin, Hamlin Peak, ME- 4,756 ft 15. Mt. Carrigain, NH- 4,700 ft 16. Mt. Bond, NH- 4,698 ft 17. Middle Carter Mountain, NH- 4,610 ft 18. Mt. Bond, West, NH- 4,540 ft 19. Mt. Garfield, NH- 4,500 ft 20. Mt. Liberty, NH- 4,459 ft 21. South Carter Mountain, NH- 4,430 ft 22. Wildcat Mountain, NH- 4,422 ft 23. Mt. Hancock, NH- 4,420 24. Mt. Mansfield, VT- 4,393 ft 25. Kinsman Mountain, South Peak, NH- 4,358 ft 26. Mt. Field, NH- 4,340 ft 27. Mt. Osceola, NH- 4,340 ft 28. Mt. Flume, NH- 4,328 ft 29. Mt. Hancock, South Peak, NH- 4,319 ft 30. Mt. Pierce, NH- 4,310 ft 31. Kinsman Mountain, North Peak, NH- 4,293 ft 32. Mt. Willey, NH- 4,285 ft 33. Mt. Bond, The Cliffs, NH- 4,265 ft 34. Mt. Zealand, NH- 4,260 ft 35. Sugarloaf Mountain, ME- 4,250 ft 36. Killington Peak, VT- 4,235 ft 37. Crocker Mountain, ME- 4228 ft 38. Mt. Tripyramid, North Peak, NH- 4,180 ft 39. Mt. Cabot, NH- 4,170 ft 40. Old Speck Mountain, ME- 4,170 ft 41. Mt. Osceola, East Peak, NH- 4,156 ft 42. North Brother Mountain, ME- 4,151 ft 43. Mt. Bigelow, West Peak, ME- 4,145 ft 44. Mt. Tripyramid, Middle Peak, ME- 4,140 ft 45. Saddleback Mountain, ME- 4,120 ft 46. Cannon Mountain, NH- 4,100 ft 47. Mt. Bigelow, Avery Peak, ME- 4,090 ft 48. Camel’s Hump, VT- 4,083 ft 49. Mt. Ellen, VT- 4,083 ft 50. Mt. Hale, NH- 4,054 ft 51. Mt. Jackson, NH- 4,052 ft 52. Mt. Tom, NH- 4,051 ft 53. Wildcat D Mountain, NH- 4,070 ft 54. Mt. Abraham, ME- 4,050 ft 55. South Crocker Mountain, ME- 4,050 ft 56. Mt. Moriah, NH- 4,049 ft 57. Mt. Passaconaway, NH- 4,043 ft 58. Owls Head, NH- 4,025 ft 59. Galehead Mountain, NH- 4,024 ft 60. Saddleback Mountain, The Horn, ME- 4,041 ft 61. Mt. Whiteface, NH- 4,020 ft 62. Mt. Redington, ME- 4,010 ft 63. Spaulding Mountain, ME- 4,010 ft 64. Mt. Abraham, VT- 4,006 ft 65. Mt. Waumbek, NH- 4,006 ft 66. Mt. Isolation, NH- 4,004 ft 67. Mt. Tecumseh, NH- 4,003 ft