Ten questions with Nick Sherman ...


Would you rather get top three in an ABS comp or send a project you have been working on for a long time, why? I would say the project, but not if it is worked for too long. This also depends on how much the project means to me, how long I have to work it for, and how much the comp means to me. It’s true that any other climber would choose the project over the comp without even thinking about it, but in my personal opinion, I do not believe in projecting routes or problems for a really long time. What I believe in is that if a project is demanding too much work from me, then maybe I’m not strong enough to do it yet and therefore should not just try to let my body learn the moves so much that it becomes a matter of muscle memory and isolated adaptation to those specific demands. If this question included the option of flashing or on-sighting something extremely difficult, then I’d definitely choose to that one without a doubt.Do you do anything unusual to train?When I get into serious training mode, I do not really change my climbing habits at all, what I change are habits such as dieting and physical conditioning. It is easy to see me taking serious care of what I eat and working out a lot whenever I want to improve my climbing for an upcoming event or trip. Whenever you want to take your body to that desired next level, I believe that putting your body in optimal condition is the key start in the process.