TENDON - the new progressive brand of top climbing ropes


TENDON - the new progressive brand of top climbing ropes

Rope as part of your body and senses

During times of conquering mountains or belaying your fellow climber during work, you first of all rely on your own body and your senses. LANEX now brings products of the new generation, which become as a natural part of your body and senses even in the most demanding situations.

A rope as a part of your body – is the philosophy behind the new, prestigious brand of climbing ropes TENDON - manufactured by Lanex. This is not just a change of name, we also changed our marketing approach, our thinking and the entire identity – all this whilst using the technological know – how of LANEX and the new material applications.

All of you, who know the ropes by LANEX but only now do you have the chance to try out the new rope brand TENDON, which are another great jump in the company’s history! The whole international development team has been working on this project for a number of months, whilst using the best of both, its rich theoretical and practical experience. The new brand TENDON originated by utilizing the latest information from the industry together with an enthusiasm for a new innovation.

Technological development!

The last generation of the ropes LANEX was fully comparable with the best products produced by foreign competition. With the arrival of the brand TENDON, the quality has moved on even further!

As the only rope of its kind in the world, the ropes TENDON are upon request impregnated with the material TEFLON®. The layer of TEFLON® is applied on the braiding of the rope in the form of extremely small particles using a brand new and revolutionary method of surface finish - NANOTECHNOLOGY.

All ropes protected by a layer of TEFLON® are characterised by extreme water-resistance and abrasion-resistance. TEFLON® also protects from penetration of dust particles into the rope structure and therefore increases its lifespan whilst achieving excellent manipulability.

Customers – professionals – will surely appreciate TeROM (Tendon Electronic Rope Marking). This is a system of electronic marking of ropes through programmed microchip implanted in the end of a rope as a carrier of identification data on the product.

TeROM enables the easier identification and keeping of records on executed checks and inspections of ropes. All data saved in the microchip can be easily read and added to using a mobile scanner. All dynamic ropes MASTER, all static ropes STATIC, REFLECTIVE and MILITARY will be standardly fitted with the system TeROM.

TENDON 7.8 Master weighing 38g/m is currently the lightest half and twin rope in the world, which is sufficient proof of the ropes TENDON being not just comparable with the world’s top, but it is also more advanced than competitors’ equivalents in many ways.

Master, Ambition, Trust

Brand new is the division of dynamic ropes into three assortment groups by the manner of use, technical parameters and performance of climbers, for whom the ropes are determined – Master (extreme performances and competitive climbing), Ambition (sporting performances and new projects) and Trust (maximal safety). The new name of each rope always contains the name of the brand, numerical data on the rope diameter and the name of one of the assortment groups – e.g. TENDON 9.7 Master. A perfect connection of high technologies and the manufacturer’s experience of many years’ standing, together with hundreds of demanding tests, becomes the guarantee of your feeling of safety and satisfaction.

Nothing remains but to try TENDON out and feel it!