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Teva Mountain Games Results

Teva Mountain Games Results

Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio were the big winners at the two-day, three-event Teva Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado, last weekend. Woods, a 16-year-old Coloradan, beat New Jersey’s Paul Robinson in a superfinal on Saturday afternoon in the bouldering finals; both men had completed all of the semifinal and final problems. Meanwhile, Puccio, a 17-year-old from Texas, won both the women’s bouldering difficult comp and the “speed bouldering” competition. Woods and Puccio won the men’s and women’s national bouldering championships in February.

In the crowd-pleasing freestyle dyno comp, Coloradan Michael Auldridge won for the second year in a row, while Kasia Pietras took the women’s prize.

The Teva Mountain Games’ climbing comp, sponsored by Volkswagen and Climbing magazine, offers one of the largest purses in the U.S., with a $1,500 first prize for bouldering. The multisport event draws around 1,500 athletes and tens of thousands of spectators for competition in bouldering, kayaking, rafting, trail running, mountain biking, and adventure racing. See all the results at


Men 1. Daniel Woods 2. Paul Robinson 3. Nicholas Sherman 4. Robby D’Anastasio 5. Jon Cardwell

Women 1. Alex Puccio 2. Angie Payne 3. Portia Menlove 4. Cicada Jenerik 5. Natasha Barnes

Speed Bouldering

Men 1. Rob D’Anastasio 2. Sean Drolet 3. Daniel Woods

Women 1. Alex Puccio 2. Paige Claassen 3. Kasia Pietras

Freestyle Dyno

Men 1. Michael Auldridge 2. Ethan Pringle 3. Alex DiFelice


1. Kasia Pietras 2. Natasha Barnes 3. Alex Puccio

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