The Climbing Magazine 2004 Gear Guide


Dear Manufacturer/Distributor:It's that time again. We're compiling gear information for Climbing Magazine's 2004 Gear Guide. To ensure greater accuracy, this year our chart distribution and submission process will be entirely electronic. For ease of submission, the Excel file includes individual worksheets for all charts in this year’s Gear Guide. Simply fill out the appropriate charts for your product lines, then submit the updated Excel file to us via email. If you have multiple brands, please submit a separate Excel file for each brand. We welcome high-quality images of your products via both regular mail and electronically but cannot guarantee placement of all images due to space constraints. The deadline for chart and image submission is October 17th, 2003. Materials received after deadline may not be considered.2004 Category List: Boots, Cams, Crampons, Crash pads, Harnesses, Helmets, Holds, Ice tools, Packs, Passive protection, Rock shoes, Ropes, Two-person mountaineering tentsCharts must be filled in completely and accurately. Each chart has a key explaining the chart headers and the necessary measurement requirements. Please be aware that categories that have run in past issues of the Gear Guide may have changes to their charts. Charts from previous years will not be accepted.Please include only the products that meet the category requirements. Inclusion is contingent upon products meeting the stated requirements and is up to the discretion of the editors of Climbing Magazine. We are only responsible for inputting data that you provide, so please follow instructions carefully.You also need to fill out the manufacturer/distributor information at the top of each chart. This information will be published with individual chart listings and in the directory of manufacturers, so be complete and accurate. Return 2004 Gear Guide materials no later than October 17, 2003, to:Luke Laeser Phone: 970-704-2609Email: production@climbing.comThank you for joining us in the 2004 Gear Guide.Sincerely,Matt StanleyEquipment Editor, Climbing

Download the Gear Guide chart spreadsheet file (Microsoft Excel format)