The Disciples of Gill - Bouldering Film Retrospective at Neptune Mountaineering


A presentation brought to you by Pat Ament - In the 1960’s there was a small sub-culture of climbers who went against the traditional mountaineering mentality. Headed by John Gill, a few climbers devoted themselves to bouldering and turned it into a kind of gymnastic art. Pat Ament’s film tells the story of those beginnings, that golden age of bouldering, yet in a tender, nostalgic way. He looks back but also delves into the current lives of the individuals, now that they have aged, a film that deals more with matters of the heart than with matters of muscle and machismo.

Don't miss it! Thursday, January 28 at 7 p.m. $10 at the door (includes Neptune coupon)

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For more about Pat Ament Click here for Climbing's 14 page interviewWhen Climbing asked the legendary Colorado climber Pat Ament to help us with a Perspective piece, he gave us such deep, thoughtful, well-reasoned answers that we decided to post this interview with him in its entirety. Ament ( also provided us with these shots of him, past and present. "I am deeply touched by the world, suffer melancholy on one level while on another the elation of artistic sensitivity and passion. I have endless energy for the various artistic endeavors I pursue, a kind of Renaissance man, as people call me. I am keen and caring with family and friends but have little hope for the world in general."