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Follow the Matterhorn’s Elite Aerial Rescue Team As They go on 40 missions… a Day

Air Zermatt is the world’s best aerial search and rescue team, made up of people dedicated to saving the lives of those who take on the Matterhorn. Follow them as they brave the perils of the Swiss Mountain, bringing aid to those who need it most. Premiers tomorrow, April 8, at 10 pm EST on Outside TV+.

Imagine being stranded on the Matterhorn—50 mile per hour winds, night approaching, and your partner has a broken leg. Anywhere else, your chances might be pretty rough. But you’re in Zermatt, home to one of the best search and rescue crews in the world. These guys are the elite.

“The Horn,” a new six-part series from Outside TV+, premiering April 8, follows Air Zermatt as they undertake daring missions to aid lost, stranded, and injured skiers, climbers, and trekkers who made bad decisions or just got unlucky. The personnel for the Air Zermatt team do some 40 helicopter missions every. single. day.

This region of the Alps has such robust mountain-travel infrastructure that outdoorsmen and women of all stripes can easily get themselves in over their heads. Using helicopters to access hard-to-reach places, the men and women of Air Zermatt launch incredible rescues, frequently putting themselves in harm’s way to help.

Streaming Thursdays at 10pm EST starting April 8th on Outside TV+. Available on the free Outside TV App, Samsung TVPlus, The Roku Channel, Vizio WatchFree, Xumo, Redbox, Sling, Dish, STIRR, and more.