The Shared Summits K2 Expedition


Follow the Shared Summits team through daily video, blogs, dispatches and radio interviews up K2, 28,253 feet (8611 meters), the second highest mountain in the world.

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On Sunday February 17th, at 2:30 p.m. ET, NBC Sports and Jeep World of Adventure Sports will be broadcasting a one hour television special about the 2007 Shared Summits K2 Expedition. It is being broadcast nationwide on your local NBC station.


Mark your calendar: Sunday, December 16th, 2:00pm EST on NBC's Jeep World of Adventure Sports ... The Shared Summits K2 Expedition Story! Chris and crew captured over 30 hours of high definition footage while climbing K2. NBC's Jeep World of Adventure Sports is a perfect outlet for the amazing film highlights during this one hour show.


K2 Dispatch 51 - 8/29/07

After 9 weeks, 3 routes, 5 attempts, 15.5 hours (after leaving Camp 4), Chris, Don and Bruce make the Summit of K2 (28,253 feet / 8,611 meters) at 7:36 am EDT Friday, July 20, 2007!All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 50 - 8/27/07

In part one of video from summit day, the Team pushes through the "bottleneck" in the pre-dawn gloom and moves up onto the "traverse" in the early morning sunlight. Amazing views reveal the challenges of these two most difficult and technical sections of K2, The Savage Mountain. Footage from July 20, 2007. All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 49 - 8/24/07

The climbers gain the "shoulder", arriving at Camp 4. While at Camp 4 they will rest and hydrate in preparation for the long waited final leg of the summit push starting just after midnight. Video from July 19, 2007.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 48 - 8/23/07

The Shared Summits Team departs Camp 3.5 with full packs and hopes that other teams will catch up to help break trail to Camp 4 and beyond. Video from the morning of Thursday, July 19, 2007.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 47 - 8/22/07

Climbing above C3: As the climbers set out from Camp 3 they are met with the first sunny morning of the summit push revealing breath-taking views. The day's plan is to reach Camp 4 for a shot at the top the following day. Video from Wednesday, July 18, 2007.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 46 - 8/20/07

Climbing from C2-C3 - the windiest, weatheriest day of the summit push - towards the end of the day, the sun starts shining and the weather window begins to open on what our climbers all secretly know will be their last shot at topping out this season. From July 17, 2007.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 45 - 8/14/07

The Team climbs from Camp 1 to Camp 2 in horrendous weather during the summit push. Video from Monday, July 16, 2007.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 28 - 7/15/07

K2 Base Camp is a very international place. Here are what other Teams have to say about K2.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 27 - 7/13/07

While at Base Camp, waiting for another weather window, the Team documents the behind-the-scenes of camp life.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 26 - 7/11/07

The last foray above Camp 3.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 25 - 7/08/07

Video of the Team climbing from Camp 2 to Camp 3 in harsh conditions.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 23 - 7/06/07

Video documenting the climb to Camp 2.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 19 - 7/2/07

Climbers leave for another summit attempt.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 17 - 6/29/07

The Team's first attempt on the Abruzzi.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 16 - 6/28/07

Leaving the SE Buttress for the Abruzzi Spur.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 14 - 6/25/07

The Abruzzi Spur (a.k.a. The SE Ridge) is the Shared Summit Team's new goal! Healthy and acclimatized, they are in position to summit as early as this Thursday!All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 11 - 6/19/07

Bruce recounts his harrowing experiance with an avalanche.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 10 - 6/19/07

Flirting with K2- Pushing to Camp 2.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 9 - 6/15/07

Route reassessment and Camp 1.All WMV files courtesy of


K2 Dispatch 8 - 6/12/07

Base Camp and Above.All WMV files courtesy of


K2, at 28,253 feet (8611 meters), is the second highest mountain in the world and is thought to be the ultimate mountaineering achievement. A truly awe-inspiring sight, its giant pyramid-shaped peak rises for over two vertical miles above the surrounding glaciers. Knife edged ridges and impenetrable cliff faces make the mountain seem unclimbable. Upon these slopes, epic adventures have been playing out since 1902. The stories of sacrifice and teamwork, jealousies and hubris, suffering and triumph, add to the lure of the peak.

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