The Spray - VOLUME 1 - SEPTEMBER, 2006


Photo by Mark Zellman



location - Indian Creek - Pistol Whipped wallclimb - Jolly Rancher, 5.10cdate - 11/05climber - Sean Kelly of san diego



We've all wondered what it's like to be at the top (or near it, at least). We've wondered what it feels like to summit K2, Everest, or The Mandala. We've asked friends if they can imagine what it's like to live as a professional climber (if that's even possible), what it's like to commit your entire life to climbing. Well, Off the Wall 2 brings you the answers to some of your questions. Here we pose a desert island-style question to some of the men and women in the climbing industry who are pushing the limit.

Question: "What would you do if you couldn't climb?"

Michael Reardon — I'd get a sex change operation, install a trampoline in a room full of mirrors, and become a lesbian.

Mike Anderson — I'd be a "Freedom-Fighter-For-Hire" ... like the A-Team, or MacGyver.

Rob Pizem — I would be living in Ohio, married with about 2 kids, a dog, and working for my dad as a sheet metal apprentice. Going camping on the weekends. If I was lucky, maybe every couple years I would fly out west to go skiing.

Paul Robinson — professional “Texas Hold’em” poker player!

Jamie Emerson — spotting.

Joe Kinder — I would most likely be involved in some crooked-ass shit — big weight in drugs or crime for money of some sort. Most likely I would not be doing something outdoors in the wild and athletic ... well maybe. I still love graffiti, so I would prolly be investing my time in that. That’s athletic and adventurous. Yeah ... I would be a full-time graff writer.

Angie Payne — I'd be directing my obsessive tendencies towards some other sport (most likely running or cycling).

Mike Auldridge — I would pursue my dreams of making climbing videos!

Ammon McNeely — a world class skydiver.

Andy Raether — I would probubly start school. I'd also need to have something else that I could put my energy into and I'm pretty sure the photography would become more of my main interest instead of just for fun.

Chris Schulte — Ever see the movie Ronin? That, or dirt bikes and rally cars.

Ben Moon — If I had my time again I would like to be a pro football player, that's soccer to you yanks. I love playing football, and after all those years of doing what is essentially a solo sport it's great fun playing on a team. Having said that, a pro surfer wouldn't be too bad, either.