THE SPRAY - VOLUME 6 - May 2007


BUTTSHOT OF THE MONTHCody R. Pierce, on his first 5.8 route, Butt Scratch at Seismic Wall in Austin, Texas. At 6 years old he can out climb his entire family.Photo taken by his proud Momma Lisamarie.



Emily HarringtonLast year I went to the Red River Gorge for Spring Break, and we played paintball on our rest day. We played for hours in the woods, and I think I got more worked than if I had climbed. My climbing suffered the next day, but it was fully worth it.

Cody RothI'd have to go with a day at the beach in Essaouira, Morocco.

Andy RaetherMy most memorable rest day ever was going to the Fulford Cave near Eagle, Colo. with Rob Pizem and going caving for four hours--crawling through things named The Mail Slot, and The Bat Cracker.

Chris McNamaraMy Most memorable rest day was getting the first BASE jump off a well known cliff in Zion National Park the day after climbing it for the first time. Also memorable, was getting busted for base jumping a few weeks later and getting a fine that would fund a three month road trip.

Chuck FrybergerLast summer I went to a game preserve and went into the cage with a baby lion on a rest day from the climbing in the Rocklands of South Africa. Not only did the 250 pound cat attack our trip photographer, but when it wasn't ripping apart the rib cages that were all over its pen, it would lunge at me and try to swipe at my video camera.

Barbara RaudnerDifficult question… I always enjoy rest days during my trips and can not decide in favor of one. I like walking a lot around in Catalaunian or Swiss mountains, discovering landscapes, but hm, maybe one of the best rest days so far was the one two years ago in Italy with my climbing friends, Grazia and Pietro, who invited us to their home, because it was such a warm Italian atmosphere.

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