Timy Fairfield Multi-Media Show, Youth Camp and Adult Clinic at Climb Iowa




April 15 - Climb Iowa TF Multi-Media Show

Climb Iowa will be hosting a free multi-media show by Timy Fairfield. His show, entitled ‘The Futurist’, explores the evolution of climbing movement from of mode of transport in the mountains to it’s modern offspring which manifests itself as a medium of acrobatic choreography. Timy will present images from his travels as a professional rock climber and his experience as an international routesetter pushing the standards of a provocative movement genre that challenges our definition of the sport. Climb Iowa members of all abilities are welcome to come climb with Timy before the show from 4-7pm. There will be a sponsor prize drawing and poster signing. Date: Wednesday, April 15 TF Member Climb: 4pm TF Multi-Media Show: 7pm Free Admission Climb Iowa Gym 5401 Miehe Dr Grimes, IO 50111 515-986-2565Visit:climbiowa.com



April 17-19 Climb Iowa TF Youth Performance Training Camp

Timy Fairfield, will be conducting an open 2.5-day youth performance training camp at Climb Iowa Gym. The emphasis of this camp is developmental youth team gym climbing/training techniques and competition strategies in preparation for the’09 SCS Difficulty/Speed Season. Syllabus: Timy will be working with Climb Iowa coaches and athletes to improve the team program by increasing effectiveness and stimulating interest in the training process. Gym Climbing, warm-up techniques, injury prevention, bio-mechanics, fundamentals of sport specific strength training, competition mental tactics, competition strategy, speed drills, movement techniques & skills, sport-specific power endurance fitness training, Heart Rate training, cross- training, video analysis, motivation as well helping young athletes achieve a higher level of performance through greater focus and creative training. A peer-elected “MVP” athlete will receive a prize and be featured on www.timyfairfield.com following the camp. Timy’s sponsors will be providing gear prizes for the event. This camp is open to youth team athletes (11yrs+) from the Des Moines metro area and Midwest region. Friiday, 4/17: 4-7pm Saturday, 4/18: 8am-pm Sunday, 4/19: 8am-4pm Max Enrollment: (16) Climb Iowa 5401 Miehe Dr Grimes, IA 50111 T#: 515-986-2565 e-mail: info@climbiowa.com Registration/Info Contact: Aaron Stevens




April 20 Climb Iowa TF Adult Climbing Clinic

Timy Fairfield, will be offering an Adult Climbing Clinic at Climb Iowa Gym on Monday, April 20 2009 from 5:30-9:30pm. The workshop is targeted at Beginner/Intermediate level climbers. Topics Covered: This clinic is suited to climbers wishing to improve their abilities through learning more about climbing as a form of fitness. Participants will be introduced to climbing movement-based fitness exercises. Also included will be the integration of fundamentals of dynamic movement, rhythmic and decisive movement principles. The clinic will include: warm-up techniques, injury prevention, climbing movement technique drills, fundamentals of exercise biomechanics/form, creative workout structuring, balancing training w/ work schedule & travel. Date: Monday, April 20 2009 Time: 5:30-9:30pm Maximum Enrolment: 16 Price: $75 Climb Iowa 5401 Miehe Dr Grimes, IA 50111 T#: 515-986-2565 e-mail: info@climbiowa.com Registration/Contact: Aaron Stevens Visit:climbiowa.com