Top Video Countdown, Part 2


8/12/13 - As summer wanes and school looms, we're counting down the most-viewed videos of the last 12 months at Today, three wildly diverse films.

No. 7, Parnsley Fern Slide, The BMCFinally, some good footage from a climber's helmet cam! In  this short clip, the climber gets hit by falling ice while soloing Parsley Fern Lefthand gully in Snowdonia, Wales, in late February, and records his own 100-foot fall. In exchange for offering up his own humbling tumble to the masses, the climber has requested donations to the Llanberis (Wales) Mountain Rescue team.

No. 6, Viva la Vie Trailer, 3 Strings Productions Nina Caprez and Jonathan Siegrist climbing two of the hardest routes in the Verdon Gorge, guest-starring southern France's astounding scenery.

And, since the full film has now been made available online, here it is:

N0. 5, Sender One: Chris Sharma Climbing Gym (Grand Opening Promo), Sanuk Footwear Seriously, people? That gym again?

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