Trango MaxCam Recall Notice




#1 MaxCam

Batch Numbers: 0605, 0705

27 March 2006

Afterreceiving a defective unit from a climber in the field, in-house inspection andtesting has revealed that a small number of our # 1 MaxCams have head axlerivets that do not meet the minimum specified diameter, possibly resulting infailure of the cam assembly. This flaw affects only the red #1 MaxCam with Batch Numbers 0605 and 0705 that were sold in 2005 and 2006. Allother cams are unaffected and you can continue to use them with confidence.

Pleasediscontinue the use of #1 MaxCams from Batch Numbers 0605 and 0705 from use immediately and return them according to the instructionsbelow. We highly recommend that you use UPS or FedEx so that you have atracking number.

Via UPS/FedEx or other package service

Via US Mail (USPS)


Freeport Center F-11

Clearfield, UT 84016


PO Box 160470

Clearfield, UT 84016

We will inspect and repair or replaceyour MaxCams within three business days and return them to you. Mark each camwith a return address, a phone number and an email where we can reach you if wehave questions.

We are trulysorry for any inconvenience. Please call us at 800/860-3653 or visit ourwebsite at if you have any further questions.

Read the FAQ aboutthe #1 Max Cam Recall here.

Climb Safe,

Malcolm Daly, Director