Triple Lindy in RMNP


Jonny Copp and Kelly Cordes climbed three of the biggest faces in Rocky Mountain National Park in less than 24 hours, car-to-car, in a marathon dubbed the "Triple Lindy." After a five-mile, 3,000-vertical-foot approach to the base of Longs Peak (14,255 feet), the two climbed Crack of Delight (5.7) on the Lower East Face to reach the Diamond's Casual Route with the Forrest Finish (5.10). From Longs, they descended around 3,000 feet to the base of Chiefshead (13,579 feet), where they climbed the Northwest Face, starting on Path of Elders (run-out 5.10) and finishing up Birds of Fire (more 5.10). From Chiefshead's summit, they ran the ridge to Mt. Alice (13,310 feet), descended to the base of the 1,000-foot East Face, and climbed the Central Ramp (5.8) to top out at sunset. From there, it was a mere nine miles of night-time downclimbing and hiking to the car, which they reached 22 hours and 42 minutes after starting. Courtesy of Bill Wright