True to Life - Grivel 3F


As climbing gear gets lighter and lighter, threatening to simply float away, it’s nice to see a product that bucks the trend in order to be most useful. The Grivel 3F ($29.95 for a 5-pack, is a utilitarian’s dream. It’s a dogbone sling that’s stiff, stout, and, best of all, easy to grab. The Dyneema sling is encased in a rubber protector that features a contoured, ergonomic grip for those times when you really must grab the draw. When I was 10 feet above the last clip on a vertical crimpfest, sweating bullets and pumping out, I was grateful to Grivel for offering a product that caters to what climbers really do. A 3F draw only weighs about 0.5 ounces more than Grivel’s regular dogbones—that’s half a pound for a rack of 16—and weight’s irrelevant when the draws are hanging on your project. The rubber covering also extends the draw’s longevity, as it protects from rock rub and UV rays. Grivel also sells pre-made quickdraws (with biners) using the 3F cover. —Julie Ellison