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Salt Lake City, Utah — On July 10-12th 4 youth competitive climbers from the Twin Cities area competed at the 2009 SCS National Climbing Competition with “stellar” results. Noah Ridge, Kyra Condie, Jack Rosland and Conlan Olson — all Climbing Team members from St. Paul’s Vertical Endeavors Rock Climbing Facility — competed against 430 of the best climbers from around the nation. After three exciting days of intense competition, Noah Ridge and Kyra Condie earned spots on the USA Climbing Team. In order to make Team USA, a climber must rank in the Top 4 of his or her category at the end of the season. Ridge, age 15, qualified fourth for USA in Difficulty Sport Climbing. Condie, age 13, qualified first in Speed Climbing. Jack Rosland and Conland Olson missed the cut for Team USA but finished the season both ranked in the Top 20 throughout the country. The top finishers ages 14 and older received invitations to the Junior World Championships in Valence, France in late August, which is the next stop for Noah Ridge. The SCS (Sport Climbing Series) season takes place every spring/summer and includes over 65 competitions across the country. These events are sanctioned by USA CLIMBING, which is recognized by the International Federation of Sport Climbing and the International Olympic Committee. Vertical Endeavors is a full service climbing facility offering a full line of indoor and outdoor lessons, youth programs, group events and experiential programs for corporate and non-profit groups. With over 18,200 square feet of climbing surface, 60+ ropes and 15 auto-belay systems provide hundreds of climbable routes making Vertical Endeavors the place to climb in the Twin Cities! An excellent beginner area is perfect for introducing new climbers to the sport.