Two Seventeen-Year-Olds Summit Everest


John Collinson. Photo courtesy of


In an amazing week of Himalayan climbing two seventeen-year-old Americans have successfully reached the summit of Mount Everest. A third seventeen-year old, Arizona based Erica Dohring turned around at camp III.

John Collinson of Snowbird, Utah reached the summit on May 19th, 2009, followed by Johnny Strange of Malibu, California on May 20th. Collinson, who turned seventeen on March 29th, is believed to be the youngest westerner to have summited Everest. Temba Tshari, a fifteen-year-old Nepalese Sherpa reached Everest’s summit in 2001.

Both teens have ambitions to complete the Seven Summits, reaching the highest point on each continent. Collinson and Strange share a common passion for the mountains and climbing that is rare in today’s digital age. Collinson’s motivation for climbing video can be viewed by going to and clicking on Seven Summits. This video sends an incredible message with insight and wisdom beyond his seventeen years. Strange is also an avid climber from a very young age, summiting Vinson Massif in Antarctica at age twelve.

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