U.S. Bouldering Championships


Emily Harrington at the crux of women’s problem #4.Photo by Randy Levensaler

U.S. Bouldering Championships

Hundreds of boulderers jammed The Spot and Boulder Rock Club in Boulder, Colorado, last weekend as the ABS Adult and Youth Bouldering Nationals went down. After two days of hard problems, Colorado’s own Daniel Woods, 16, was named U.S. bouldering champion, while Texan Alex Puccio, also 16, was crowned the women’s champ.

Despite arctic cold and a blackout that temporarily doused the lights at both gyms, the adult and youth U.S. bouldering teams were chosen during the three days of competition. The 2006 U.S. teams are listed below; for full results from both comps, visit www.usaclimbing.org.

The Sterling Rope/USA Climbing Adult Nationals for lead climbing and speed climbing, at which the U.S. teams will be selected, take place March 4 at MetroRock in Massachusetts. Sterling will provide $6,000 in travel stipends to adult U.S. team members during 2006.

2006 U.S. Adult Bouldering Team

Men 1. Daniel Woods 2. Ethan Pringle 3. Nicholas Sherman

Women 1. Alex Puccio 2. Alex Johnson 3. Angie Payne

2006 US. Youth Bouldering Team

Youth D Women 1. Dana Riddle 2. Sara Busse 3. Bobbi Munk 4. Amelia Metcalf

Youth D Men 1. Matt Tyler 2. Nicholas Milburn 3. Daniel Berman 4. Ian Fireman

Youth C Women 1. Francesca Metcalf 2. Cicada Jenerik 3. Emily Childress 4. Shannon Lochridge 5. Laurel Shimamura

Youth C Men 1. Josh Levin 2. Charlie Andrews 3. Julian Bautista 4. Andy Lamb 5. Evan Graham

Youth B Women 1. Tiffany Hensley 2. Chauncenia Cox 3. Erin Gurley 4. Sasha DiGiulian 5. Emily Ziffer

Youth B Men 1. Michael Bautista 2. Matt Fultz 3. Brian Antheunisse 4. Michael Arthur

Youth A Women 1. Paige Claasen 2. Nina Williams 3. Elise Ebner 4. Sarah Watson

Youth A Men 1. Grady Bagwell 2. Bryan Hopkins 3. Ryan Sewell 4. Scott Cory 5. Bret Johnston

Junior Women 1. Kasia Pietras 2. Laura Lingeman 3. Nicole Cassidy 4. Martha Oakes 5. Stephanie Outland

Junior Men 1. Brian Kim 2. Nick Douglas 3. Bryan Boyko 4. Brandon SchlueterComment on this story