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U.S. Youth Teams Selected from SCS Nationals


7/16/10 - The newly-opened Stone Summit in Atlanta, Georgia, the largest climbing gym in the nation, inaugurated its second month with the 2010 SCS Youth National Championships, drawing more than 300 of the nation’s most talented young climbers. After the results were posted, U.S.A. Climbing named the athletes (chosen based on a weighted average of their results from each round) who will go on to the Youth World Championship in Edinburgh, Scotland, in September. U.S. team members from the three oldest age groups, as well as winners of the Continental Championship (held every two years), are invited to participate in the event.

CC = Continental Champion

Youth D - 11 and under Youth C - 12-13 Youth B - 14-15 Youth A - 16-17 Junior - 18-19

Speed Climbing Final Results and U.S. team members (Lead results to follow soon)

Male Junior (Ages 18-19)

1. Nic Sutton (U.S. team, CC) 2. Nathan Hadley (U.S. team) 3. Alex Johnson (U.S. team) 4. Brian Antheunisse (U.S. team) 5. Peter Grill (U.S. team)6. Michael Perry (U.S. team)

Male Youth A (16-17)

1. Joshua Levin (U.S. team, CC) 2. Charlie Andrews-Jubelt (U.S. team) 3. Andrew Kim (U.S. team) 4. Kyle Francis 5. David Bain (U.S. team) 6. Alex Enright (U.S. team)

Male Youth B (14-15)

1. Thomas Pitzel (U.S. team) 2. Dominic Labarge (U.S. team) 3. Alex Bodson 4. Collier Skinn (U.S. team) 5. Sean Bailey 6. Lukas Kuhnel 7. Zach Larson (U.S. team)

Male Youth C (12-13)

1. Sam Kim (U.S. team) 2. Randy Fawcett (U.S. team) 3. Solomon Barth (U.S. team) 4. Cole Skinner 5. Brendan Mitchell (U.S. team) 6. Jesse Grupper 12. Noah Thompson (U.S. team, CC)

Male Youth D (11 and under)

1. Cameron Mann (U.S. team) 2. Joe Goodacre (U.S. team) 3. Rudolph Ruana 4. Kai Lightner (U.S. team) 5. Seth Rogers 6. Jake Fields (U.S. team)

Female Junior (18-19)

1. Amanda Sutton (U.S. team, CC) 2. Hailey Bridgewater (U.S. team) 3. Miura Hawkins 4. Ellyssa Czajkowski (U.S. team) 5. Suzu Jeffery (U.S. team) 6. Caroline Corcoran (U.S. team)

Female Youth A (16-17)

1. Taylor Clarkin (U.S. team) 2. Kelly Birch (U.S. team) 3. Faith Sullivan (U.S. team) 4. Tris Sampson (U.S. team) 5. Casey Puccio 6. Cicada Jenerik 13. Francesca Metcalf (U.S. team, CC)

Female Youth B (14-15)

1. Dana Riddle (U.S. team) 2. Tegan Wilson (U.S. team) 3. Amelia Metcalf (U.S. team) 4. Danielle Rogan (U.S. team) 5. Jacquelyn Wu 6. Ellen Schuster

Female Youth C (12-13)

1. Grace Mckeehan (U.S. team) 2. Kayla Lieuw (U.S. team, CC) 3. Marisa Romero (U.S. team) 4. Bethany Eversole 5. Ada Saker (U.S. team) 6. Annaleah Fields (U.S. team)

Female Youth D (11 and under)

1. Sidney Trinidad (U.S. team) 2. Piper Boudart (U.S. team) 3. Emerson Nairon (U.S. team) 4. Lauren Bair 5. Natalia Grossman 6. Charlie Forman 8. Grace Scott (U.S. team)

See scsnationals.org for full results of the Youth National Championship.

    Lead Climbing Final Results and U.S. team members

    Male Junior

    1. Matty Hong (U.S. team) 2. Ben Hoberg (U.S. team) 3. Eric Sanchez (U.S. team) 4. Michael Bautista (U.S. team, CC) 5. Michael Perry (U.S. team) 6. Andrew Calder

    Male Youth A

    1. Julian Bautista (U.S. team, CC) 2. Joshua Levin (U.S. team) 3. Owen Graham (U.S. team) 4. Kyle Francis (U.S. team) 5. Alex Fritz (U.S. team) 6. Noah Ridge

    Male Youth B

    1. Dylan Barks (U.S. team) 2. Nicholas Milburn (U.S. team) 3. Nicholas Picarella (U.S. team) 4. Dominic Labarge (U.S. team) 5. Alex Bodson 6. Steven Halliburton

    Male Youth C

    1. Brendan Mitchell (U.S. team) 2. Jesse Grupper (U.S. team) 3. Nicholas Bradley (U.S. team) 4. Tristan Helmich (U.S. team) 5. Nathaniel Coleman 6. Martin Kuhnel 12. Solomon Barth (U.S. team, CC)

    Male Youth D

    1. Kal Lightner (U.S. team) 2. Rudolph Ruana (U.S. team) 3. Finn Stack (U.S. team) 4. Max Becker (U.S. team) 5. Joe Goodacre 6. Ethan Kruteck

    Female Junior

    1. Miura Hawkins (U.S. team) 2. Tyler Youngwerth (U.S. team) 3. Amanda Sutton (U.S. team) 4. Ellyssa Czajkowski (U.S. team) 5. Jesse Youngwerth 6. Hailey Bridgewater 27. Sasha Digiulian (U.S. team, CC)

    Female Youth A

    1. Shannon Lochridge (U.S. team) 2. Michaela Kiersch (U.S. team, CC) 3. Linnea Russell (U.S. team) 4. Isabelle Faus (U.S. team) 5. Cicada Jenerik (U.S. team) 6. Francesca Metcalf

    Female Youth B

    1. Dana Riddle (U.S. team) 2. Delaney Miller (U.S. team) 3. Callie Walter (U.S. team) 4. Zoe Steinberg (U.S. team) 5. Samantha Scharenberg 6. Laurel Todd

    Female Youth C

    1. Katherine Lamb (U.S. team) 2. Margarita Marsanova 3. Claire Buhrfeind (U.S. team) 4. Margo Hayes (U.S. team) 5. Natalie Josefsberg (U.S. team) 6. Megan Mascarenas

    Female Youth D

    1. Sidney Trinidad (U.S. team) 2. Melina Costanza (U.S. team) 3. Grace Kane (U.S. team) 4. Emerson Nairon (U.S. team) 5. Ellise Shuman 6. Piper Boudart

    See scsnationals.org for full results of the Youth National Championship.