V15 for Robinson, V14s for Webb


3/22/13 - Paul Robinson made the first ascent of what could be a V15 in Arkansas. The New Chapter climbs through a roof, and adds a hard sequence to the existing Child's Play (V13), which Robinson climbed in January. "One of the sickest roof climbs I have done," Robinson said. Earlier this month, Robinson finished the third ascent of Loved by Few, Hated by Many (V14) at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Jimmy Webb has repeated Off the Wagon, a problem in Valle Bavona. Finnish climber Nalle Hukkataival made the first ascent in November 2012, at first giving it the grade V15; German climber Jan Hojer quickly made the second ascent, suggesting V14, and Webb seems to agree, according to his 8a.nu scorecard. Webb says he had a "freak moment" when he finished the problem: "Hand slipped on the campus move and somehow held on to the jug. No clue what happened."

Webb also climbed Ninja Skills, another Hukkataival V14, in Sobrio, Switzerland. He said was potentially the "best boulder for the grade I've ever climbed." It looks like Webb has been in Europe since February, traveling to different bouldering areas—he's taken down almost 20 problems V11 or harder, including V14s and V13s.

Dates of ascents: March 20-21, 2013

Sources: 8a.nu, 27crags.com