V15 Ascents at Fontainebleau, Chironico


12/9/13 - Italy's Gabriele Moroni has climbed his first V15 with Insanity of Grandeur in Chironico, Switzerland.

He worked the problem out over five days. "I haven't tried other 8c's (V15s) in my life, but I'm pretty sure this thing is harder than the other couple of 8b+'s I've done on this style," Moroni says. This is the second ascent of the line; Japan's Dai Koyamada made the first ascent in November 2012. (See Moroni's ascent in the video below.)

Meanwhile, in France, Germany's Jan Hojer has made a V15 first ascent with Jour de Chasse in Fontainebleau—and his fourth problem of the grade. A day before, he completed Super Tanker (V14).

Hojer is well known as one of the competition scene's best boulderers. In 2013, he grabbed a World Cup gold medal in Innsbruck, Austria, and a silver medal in Log-Dragomer, Slovenia, and he often finished in the top 10.

Date of ascents: December 6 (Moroni) & 8 (Hojer), 2013

Gabriele Moroni, Insanity of Grandeur from rivoli on Vimeo.