Verve for City Council


Christian Griffith, one of the best climbers ever produced by Boulder, Colorado, has jumped into politics in a bid to protect his hometown's climbing, bouldering, and other mountain sports. The founder of the Verve clothing company entered a March 8 special-election race for Boulder City Council in response to a management plan drafted by Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks. This plan threatens access to some of the city’s most beautiful and historic crags, including Mickey Mouse Wall, Cadillac Crag, the Sacred Cliffs, and Terrain Boulders. If adopted by City Council, the plan also could severely reduce off-trail exploration for new boulder problems in the Flatirons and eliminate such long-standing Boulder traditions as full-moon ascents of the Third Flatiron. Griffith said, “One of my primary reasons for running it to preserve the historic uses of our mountain parks. But it isn’t just restrictions to existing areas—it’s the loss of the chance to explore for climbing. Growing up here, that was one of the greatest gifts of living next to Mountain Parks.”