Wasatch Powder Keg


American Jeannie Wall finished fourth in the third annual Black Diamond Wasatch Powder Keg, the only Ski Mountaineering World Cup on U.S. soil. Wall was the only American competing in the World Cup Division, which is dominated by European racers. She finished the 8.4-mile up-and-down course between the Alta and Brighton ski resorts, with a vertical mile of climbing and descent, in two hours and five minutes, just over nine minutes behind women's champion Gloriana Pellissier from Italy. Frenchman Florent Perrier won the men's race in one hour 33 minutes.

In all, more than 160 skiers competed in the World Cup, the highly competitive Race Divisions on the same course, and a shorter recreational course. For full results and maps and photos of the courses, visit www.bdel.com/powderkeg/.

Women's World Cup Division 1. Gloriana Pellissier (ITA) 2. Nathalie Bourillon (FRA) 3. Gabrielle Magnenat (SWI) 4. Jeannie Wall (USA)

Men's World Cup Division 1. Florent Perrier (FRA) 2. Stephane Brosse (FRA) 3. Manfred Reichegger (ITA)

Women's Race Telemark Division 1. Liz McCoy 2. Alayne Griffith 3. Polly Samuels McLean

Men's Race Telemark Division 1. Penn Newhard 2. Bruce Tremper 3. Rob Westermann

Women's Race AT/Snowboard Division 1. Karen Kingsley 2. Monique Merrell 3. Anna Keeling

Men's Race AT/Snowboard Division 1. Brendan O'Neill 2. Chris Kroger 3. Steve Romeo