Watch Disco 2000: Amazing Arctic Big-Wall Free Climbing


This summer British climbers Jacob Cook, Dave MacLeod, and Calum Muskett traveled to far northern Norway to attempt a free ascent of Disco 2000 (Blixt-Krane, 2000), a 13-pitch, very steep route on Store Blamman's north face. Working amid nearly continuous bouts of rainy weather, the three men were able to free-climb each pitch of the route, with two pitches of 5.13c (including a pitch shared with Arctandria, a previously freed climb that Disco 2000 follows for two pitches before branching left). However, they were unable to do a one-day free ascent before running out of time and decent weather.

MacLeod has produced a short film of their efforts on Disco 2000, with great footage of some truly extraordinary granite free climbing in a wild environment: