Webb Finishes The Island (V14)


2/17/12 - Jimmy Webb has climbed his second Fontainebleau V14 with The Island. Established by Dave Graham in 2008 as V15, The Island has been downgraded to V14 by subsequent climbers.

Webb spent only six days climbing in Fontainebleau, France. From his blog:

"My first trip to Europe was supposed to be a full month adventure, but there were some unexpected happenings at home that required my attention more. To be honest though, I can't complain. Font exceeded my expectations in many ways, and opened my eyes wide to the endless amounts of rock that resides in that area. My six days consisted of beautiful weather. Some said it was the best stint of weather they had seen in years. As for the actual climbing part of it, I was very psyched with how I did. I sampled countless classics, and was able to dispatch a few test pieces along the way."

This is Webb's 10th V14. His first, Jade, happened in June 2010. Right before The Island, he repeated Kheops Assis, which he managed to finish in only an hour.

Date of ascent: February 9, 2012

Source: jimmywebb.blogspot.com