Webb, Voges Blaze Through Lincoln Lake


6/9/11 - Southeastern climbers Jimmy Webb and Brion Voges are spending some time in Colorado and have been dispatching repeats of Lincoln Lake's hardest problems. Daniel Woods and Dave Graham spent much of their 2010 summer at this area near Mt. Evans establishing more than a dozen V13s and harder, including the FA of Warrior Up (V15).

Voges, a Georgia climber, has repeated We Can Build You (V14), The Great War for Civilization (V13), Death Trout (V13), Evil Backwards (V13), and numerous others. "A great boulder with a little bit of everything and quite resistant," he says about We Can Build You. He suggested that Death Trout was "a little soft, I think. Might settle at V12." Evil only took him 45 minutes to send.

Webb, from Tennessee, climbed Big Worm (V14, Area A), We Can Build You (V14), Death Trout (V13), Evil Backwards (V13), and others. Webb describes Big Worm as "amazing compression on sick features," and he spent only 15 minutes on Death Trout.

Both have repeated Carlo Traversi's Flux for Life (V13) at Endo Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park (see video below).

Dates of ascents: May/June 2011

Sources: brionvoges.blogspot.com, 8a.nu

Endovalley • Rocky Mountain National Park • Colorado • Flux for Life (V13) FA from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.