Welcome to the Red: Siegrist On Fire


Siegrist on Lucifer (5.14c), Red River Gorge, Kentucky. Photo by Brian Goldstone courtesy of Jstarinorbit.com

Welcome to the Red: Siegrist On Fire

News Link: Jonathan Siegrist made the most of his first three days in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge. After driving 18 hours from his home in Colorado, Siegrist jumped on Lucifer (5.14c) late in the day and climbed it with one hang on his second effort. The next day, he one-hanged the climb two more times and then fired it.

Still super-motivated, Siegrist headed to the Gold Coast crag the following day, warmed up, and flashed God’s Own Stone (5.14a). With almost no rest, he then onsighted Golden Boy (5.13b) and Black Gold (5.13c), and did True Love (5.13d) on his second go.

Read Siegrist’s story in his own words at his blog.

Dates of Ascents: October 2009

Source:Jstarinorbit.com, Kyle Roseborrough

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