Woods Flashes Pure Imagination (5.14c/d), Confirms Downgrade


11/5/12 -Daniel Woods has flashed Pure Imagination (5.14c/d) at the Chocolate Factory in the Red River Gorge, just two days after Adam Ondra's flashes of the same route and The Golden Ticket.

Ondra suggested a downgrade for both routes, originally 5.14d, to 5.14c. Woods agreed, calling the route "soft" on his 8a.nu scorecard. He's the first American to flash this grade, and this is only the third 5.14c flash/onsight on American soil, after Ondra's sends and Ramon Julian Puigblanque's impressive onsight of The Crew (5.14c) in Rifle, Colorado, in October 2011.

Yesterday, Woods climbed 24 Karats (5.14c) third try and 100 Ounces of Gold (5.14a).

Peter Lundgren reports that Ondra bolted a new line in between Pure Imagination and The Golden Ticket, calling it a "lifetime project."

Date of ascents: November 4, 2012

Source: 8a.nu