Woods, Graftiaux Win World Cup in Vail


6/5/10 - Daniel Woods and Chloe Graftiaux of Belgium took top honors at 2010's third Bouldering World Cup in Vail, Colorado (See complete footage of men's finals and women's finals). Woods was the only male competitor to finish more than one problem, making his two topouts and getting the high point on #4 the exciting highlight of the men's game. The female finalists competed furiously – all completed the same number of problems and reached the same number of bonus holds – but Graftiaux's fewest attempts clenched her win.

Americans Alex Puccio and Alex Johnson broke their Vail winning streak this year – Johnson took first in 2008, Puccio first in 2009 – but managed to finish in the top five in finals.

Men's Final Results:

  1. Daniel Woods (USA)

  2. Tsukuru Hori (Japan)

  3. Kilian Fischhuber (Austria)

  4. Jernej Kruder (Slovenia)

  5. Francois Kaiser (France)

  6. Wouter Jongeneenlen (The Netherlands)

Women's Final Results:

  1. Chloe Graftiaux (Belgium)

  2. Anna Stohr (Austria)

  3. Juliane Wurm (German)

  4. Alex Puccio (USA)

  5. Alex Johnson (USA)

  6. Maud Ansade (France)

For full results, visit ifsc-climbing.org.

Below, a clip from the female qualifiers.

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