Woods, Johnson Are U.S. Bouldering Champs


The Men's Gimp Update courtesy of Steve Woods: 2/17/09 — It's amazing these guys could compete!

  • Paul Robinson, as we mentioned above, was on the mend from an ankle injury in October.

  • Sean McColl suffered a concussion from a skiing accident three weeks before the comp. He’s still undergoing tests.

  • During the comp Ethan Pringle seriously injured his shoulder and wrote this on his blog February 16th: "The best way I can describe what happened on the second move of men’s final #2 was that I extended my arm to do this huge campus/dyno rose move and as soon as my left shoulder took the first bit of my body weight, it went snap, crackle, pop, like a rice krispy. I knew it was OVER for me. My shoulder was filled with white hot pain, and so was my head. Even thouh I wasn’t in all that much pain, I was in shock from realizing the gravity of what I had just done…"

  • Julian Bautista was suffering from food poisoning during the comp and was throwing up between climbs. How's that for dedication?

  • The most bizarre gimp story was Daniel Woods’ close encounter at Carter Lake four days before the comp. He got hit by 90 MPH winds and was blown into an 800lb rock which gave way from the bank and rolled onto his arm. Nothing broke, likely because of the dirt under his arm, but it was severely bruised and was rehabbing it all week, but was still in some pain on Friday.

Read a report by Jamie Emerson about route setting for the comp at his blog: B3Bouldering.com.

Adult Men

  1. Daniel Woods

  2. Paul Robinson

  3. Sean McColl (CAN)

  4. Ethan Pringle

  5. Julian Bautista

  6. Johnny Goicoechea

  7. Carlo Traversi

  8. Magnus Midtboe (NOR)

  9. Nalle Hukkataival (FIN)

  10. Ryan Sewell

Adult Women

  1. Alex Johnson

  2. Chauncenia Cox

  3. Alex Puccio

  4. Gabi Masse (CAN)

  5. Lisa Rands

  6. Kate McGinnis

  7. Kasia Pietras

  8. Sydney McNair

  9. Tiffany Hensley

  10. Elizabeth Asher

Dates of Event: February 13-15, 2009


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