Woods, Puccio Take Gold at ABS Nationals


2/27/12 - All hail the king and queen of comp climbing: Daniel Woods and Alex Puccio took the throne at ABS 13 Nationals in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on February 25.(Click here to see a photo gallery by Alton Richardson.)

Almost 100 competitors lined up Friday to tackle the qualifying problems, after which 23 men and 23 women advanced to semi-finals on Saturday afternoon. Finals started in the evening on Saturday, with the typical stacked line-up.

Puccio was the only woman to top all four problems, with two flashes on #3 and #4. Angie Payne, Shauna Coxsey, and Lizzy Asher topped three of the four. The men's routes proved more challenging for the competitors—Daniel Woods and Ethan Pringle each topped just two problems, with everyone else finishing only one problem.

The crowd went wild when Michael Bautista hucked to and held the finishing hold on men's #4—the only man to top the problem—but in the excitement, Bautista forgot to match hands at the top, disqualifying the finish.

Puccio has won every ABS Nationals comp since 2006 with the exception of 2009, when Alex Johnson won. Woods has won five of the last seven Nationals.

• 2011: Sean McColl, Alex Puccio • 2010: Daniel Woods, Alex Puccio • 2009: Daniel Woods, Alex Johnson • 2008: Paul Robinson, Alex Puccio • 2007: Daniel Woods, Alex Puccio • 2006: Daniel Woods, Alex Puccio

Women's final results:

1. Alex Puccio 2. Angela Payne 3. Shauna Coxsey 4. Lizzy Asher 5. Alex Johnson 6. Sasha DiGiulian 7. Sierra Blair-Coyle

Men's final results:

1. Daniel Woods 2. Ethan Pringle 3. Michael Bautista 4. Carlo Traversi 5. Jon Cardwell 6. Austin Geiman

Click here for the full results.