Woods, Robinson Repeat The Ice Knife (V15)


5/20/13 - Daniel Woods and Paul Robinson have made the second and third ascents, respectively, of Dave Graham's V15 in Guanella Pass, Colorado, called The Ice Knife. Graham established the boulder problem in October 2011. (See a video of Graham climbing it below.)

The pair ventured up to Guanella Pass late last week to attempt the problem, but left without even finding the boulder. However, they each climbed a V12 called Double Dutchez and a V10 called Dark Horse. They tracked down the problem the next day and worked out the moves. Two days later, they returned to the mountains, climbing in great conditions until a snow storm impeded their efforts. They waited out the weather, and immediately hopped back on the problem. Woods was the first to nab a send, with Robinson right behind him.

"It is always so awesome to climb something so technical and demanding," Robinson says. "Every move on the boulder is of similar difficulty, and the body positions you get yourself into are totally crazy."

Woods, Robinson, and Beau Kahler, who photographed the ascents, finished their day with a first ascent to the right of The Ice Knife called Rainbow in the Dark (V10).

Date of ascents: May 19, 2013

Source: 8a.nu, prana.com

Scarred for Life - The Ice Knife from achromatic.tv on Vimeo.