World Cup Bouldering Kicks Off


The 2005 runners-up in World Cup bouldering came out firing on opening day this season, as France’s Jérôme Meyer and Russia’s Olga Bibik dominated the year’s first comp in Birmingham, England. Meyer bested Austria’s Kilian Fischhuber, last year’s champion, in the first of six World Cup bouldering competitions, while Bibik topped a women’s field that was missing last year’s champ, Frenchwoman Sandrine Levet.

In what may be a first for international competition climbing, the entire comp was narrowcast live on the Internet on, in cooperation with the British Mountaineering Council. The sound and picture (3” x 4”) occasionally had the herky-jerky quality of early 1970s moon-landing video, but with split-screen action, instant replays and decent commentary, the coverage offered a unique opportunity to watch World Cup action from thousands of miles away. DVDs of the comp are available by emailing

Men1. Jérôme Meyer (FRA)2. Kilian Fischhuber (AUT)3. Christian Core (ITA)4. Loïc Gaidioz (FRA)5. Stephane Julien (FRA)

Women1. Olga Bibik (RUS)2. Emilie Abgrall (FRA)3. Juliette Danion (FRA)4. Anna Stöhr (AUT)5. Chloé Graftiaux (BEL)Comment on this story