World Cup Bouldering: Midseason Report


Halfway through the World Cup bouldering season, the men’s competition has become a real dogfight while the women’s crown appears to be headed toward Olga Bibik of Russia. At the third stop of the six-comp World Cup tour in Rovereto, Italy, last weekend, Bibik finished second to Frenchwoman Juliette Danion, but the Russian already has two victories in hand and the three-time runner-up seems a good bet to win her first World Cup season title.

Meanwhile, it’s anyone’s guess who will win the men’s trophy. At Rovereto, Frenchman Gérome Pouvreau finished on top, the third winner in three World Cup bouldering comps this year. Jérôme Meyer of France and Kilian Fischhuber of Austria, each with one victory, are neck and neck in the season standings. The three remaining World Cups are all in June, with the final comp in Austria, giving Fischhuber the home-field advantage if he and Meyer are still battling it out.

Coloradan Daniel Woods, 16, competed in his first World Cup at Rovereto, making the semifinals and finishing a very respectable 12th place. Also of note: World Cup lead-climbing champs Angela Eiter of Austria and Tomás Mrázek of Czech Republic each finished third at Rovereto, apparently adding bouldering power to their already well-stocked arsenals.

Bouldering World Cup — Rovereto, Italy

Men 1. Gérome Pouvreau (FRA) 2. Jérôme Meyer (FRA) 3. Tomás Mrázek (CZE) 4. Kilian Fischhuber (AUT) 5. Tomasz Oleksy (POL) 12. Daniel Woods (USA)

Women 1. Juliette Danion (FRA) 2. Olga Bibik (RUS) 3. Angela Eiter (AUT) 4. Mélanie Son (FRA) 5. Olga Bezhko (UKR)Comment on this story