World Cup Season Kicks Off in Italy


4/19/11 - The 2011 World Cup season kicked off this past weekend in Milano, Italy, with a bouldering and speed competition. Comp familiars Jain Kim and Kilian Fischhuber won the bouldering competition, with Russians dominating the speed podiums as usual.

Anna Stohr and Melissa La Neve medaled behind Kim, with Jakob Schubert and Rustam Gelmanov placing second and third in the men's bouldering comp. Americans Alex Puccio and Alex Johnson, the only Americans to compete in this round, finished sixth and eighth, respectively.

Notably absent from the comp was Adam Ondra (who has won the Lead and Bouldering World Cup in consecutive years), who seems to be focusing solely on sport climbing outside.

Women's Final Results:

  1. Jain Kim (Korea)

  2. Anna Stohr (Austria)

  3. Melissa La Neve (France)

  4. Akiyo Noguchi (Japan)

  5. Mina Markovic (Slovenia)

  6. Alex Puccio (USA)

Men's Final Results:

  1. Kilian Fischhuber (Austria)

  2. Jakob Schubert (Austria)

  3. Rustam Gelmanov (Russia)

  4. Guillaume Glairon-Mondet (France)

  5. Dmitry Sharafutdinov (Russia)

  6. Tsukuru Hori (Japan)

See final results here.