World Cup Wrap-up from Vienna


6/1/10 - At the second Bouldering World Cup of 2010 in Vienna, Austria, Japan's Akiyo Noguchi and Momoka Oda ruled the women's podium while Austria's Kilian Fischhuber continued his reign in men's finals.

Noguchi managed to top out two of the four finals boulders in the fewest tries, with Oda following closely behind. This was Oda's first time competing in a World Cup.

Czech climber Adam Ondra has been fiercely competing for a victory, but none of the men topped out boulders #2 and #4, and Fischhuber's technical aptitude and experience held off the competition. Alex Johnson, who celebrated first place at the first World Cup in Switzerland, finished sixth in Vienna, ranking her second overall.

Women's Results:

  1. Akiyo Noguchi (Japan)

  2. Momoka Oda (Jpn)

  3. Kim Jain (Korea)

  4. Chloe Graftiaux (Belgium)

  5. Anna Stohr (Austria)

  6. Alex Johnson (U.S.A.)

Full results here

Men's Results:

  1. Kilian Fischhuber (Austria)

  2. Adam Ondra (Czech Republic)

  3. Alexey Rubtsov (Russia)

  4. Stewart Watson (Great Britain)

  5. Tsukuru Hori (Jpn)

  6. Matthias Muller (Switzerland)

Full results here

Watch full replays of the event here. Below, a quick compilation of clips from Vienna.