World Youth Championships


Sean McColl of Canada won his third world title in difficulty, Daniel Woods of Colorado finished third in his age category, and American Alex Johnson won the speed-climbing championship at the World Youth Championships in Scotland. Thirty nations were represented at the comp, which was held in the enormous Ratho climbing center outside Edinburgh. The sensational McColl, from North Vancover, B.C., has now finished first in four world youth comps in three years. He won the 16-17 age category in difficulty last year and the age 14-15 speed-climbing comp in 2002. McColl also finished first in the 2002 difficulty comp, but was disqualified after a urine sample showed traces of pseudoephedrine, a banned stimulant contained in the Claritin Extra he was taking for allergies. Alex Johnson rallied to win the speed contest despite finishing a disappointing 10th in the hotly contested girls’ age 14-15 difficulty comp. Fourteen-year-old Charlotte Durif of France, who won this category, has onsighted more than 20 routes of 5.13b or harder. Other top American finishers included Daniel Woods, third in the age 14-15 category (his second top-three finish in two years), and Zeb Engberg, who just did a 5.14c at Rumney, N.H., and finished 10th in the age 18-19 category. Results (Top Three Finishers and All North Americans) Male Juniors (Age 18-19) 1. Jorg Verhoeven (NED) 2. Eduard Marin Garcia (SPA) 3. Dmitry Sharafutdinov (RUS) 10. Zeb Engberg (USA) 17. Dave Holodiloff (USA) 32. Jason Holowach (CAN) 39. Alex Honnold (USA) 41. Dan Tersmette (CAN) 42. Zack Levitt (USA) 45. Jason McColl (CAN) 50. Josh Muller (CAN) Male Youth A (Age 16-17) 1. Sean McColl (CAN) 2. Ivan Kaourov (RUS) 3. Fabien Comina (FRA) 10. Matt Johnson (CAN) 11. Paul Wallace (USA) 25. Patrick Luther (USA) 26. Zach Lerner (USA) 28. Charlie Hitchman (CAN) 44. Alex Quiring (CAN) 47. Chris Sinatra (USA) 53. Tony Berezowski (CAN) Male Youth B (Age 14-15) 1. David Lama (AUT) 2. Blagovest Lazarov (BUL) 3. Daniel Woods (USA) 11. Jj Mah (CAN) 27. Jon Cardwell (USA) 37. Zak McGurk (CAN) 37. Andrew Rothner (USA) 40. Simon Benkert (USA) 47. Marshal German (CAN) 54. Scott Kennedy (CAN) Female Juniors (Age 18-19) 1. Caroline Ciavaldini (FRA) 2. Florence Pinet (FRA) 3. Stéphanie Crouvisier (FRA) 7. Stacey Weldon (CAN) 13. Sydney McNair (USA) 19. Katelyn Dukatz (USA) 28. Nani Woollings (CAN) 30. Sammy Levy (USA) 31. Georgia Temple (CAN) 34. Jessamine McClellan (USA) Female Youth A (Age 16-17) 1. Caroline Januel (FRA) 2. Maud Ansade (FRA) 3. Chloé Graftiaux (BEL) 11. Victoria Weldon (CAN) 29. Sasha Turrentine (USA) 30. Cathy Laflamme (CAN) 32. Victoria Guido (USA) 32. Kasia Pietras (USA) 38. Stephanie Outland (USA) 43. Tedi Lockwood (CAN) 47. Sarah Jarvis (CAN) Female Youth B (Age 14-15) 1. Charlotte Durif (FRA) 2. Christina Schmid (SWI) 3. Silva Rajfova (CZE) 10. Alex Johnson (USA) 11. Autumn Duke (USA) 20. Noella Nykyforuk (CAN) 26. Elizabeth Broun (USA) 32. Meagan Martin (USA) 42. Jelisa Dunbar (CAN) 43. Celeste Wall (CAN) 47. Jessy Newton (CAN)