Yosemite and Rainier Weather Forecasts


Weekend forecast for Yosemite and Mt Rainier UPDATED - 10/23/08 - Next forecast due 10/30/08Live weather cams from the West Coast: Denali, Squamish, Mt Rainier, Yosemite, and Joshua Tree.

Yosemite - Weather Report Updated 10/23/08

Summit forecast for the Yosemite Region, at about 9,000 feet: A ridge of high pressure will remain over the region during the weekend to bring sunny and warm conditions. Freezing levels at 14,000 with winds at 10000 foot level of 5 to 15 mph.

The Turtleback Dome Cam shows Yosemite Valley: El Capitan (left) and Half Dome (center). Courtesy of Yosemite.orgView More Yosemite Webcams

Mt. Rainier - Weather Report Updated 10/23/08

Some light showers early on Saturday and then mostly sunny and warm for later on Saturday and into Sunday. Summit winds up to 60 mph on Saturday then lowering to 20 to 35 mph on Sunday. Freezing levels at 10,000 feet on Saturday then up to 12,000 for Sunday.

Mount Rainier National Park — View From Paradise Visual range is approximately 94 miles at Tahoma Woods

Mt.Rainier with Puget Sound in the foreground. Updated every 2 minutes. Courtesy of Rainier Computer Solutions

Cam courtesy of http://mms.nps.gov


Webcam courtesy of Talkeetna Air Taxi.

Webcam courtesy of K2 Aviation.

Visit: http://akweathercams.faa.gov/index.php for more Alaska cams


The Squamish Chief by squamishclimbing.comCourtesy of skypilotkiteboarding.com

Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park View From Belle Mountain Looking Southeast

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