Youngster Grabs 5.14d Martin Krpan

Youngster Grabs 5.14d Martin Krpan

On November 11, thirteen-year-old Adam Ondra (from the Czech Republic) has likely made the third ascent of Martin Krpan (5.14d) in Misja Pec, Slovenia, a "quite logical" link-up of four routes.

"I started trying it 14 days ago, when I was there for three days. This trip I was there two days ... Martin Krpan starts right of Sonce v oceh (5.13c) and goes through Pingvin (5.13a) to Marjetica (5.13d/14a). Until here it's around 5.13d," says Ondra. "Now, without any rests comes the crux, with bad clipping and then some 10 meters of Missing Drink (5.14a) -- from the start of the crux to the top it is about 5.14b. Most tries finished in that crux, just once I fell on Missing Drink. The following try I did it."

Martin Krpan saw its first ascent on May 4, 2001 by Jure Golob.

Date of Ascent: November 11, 2006

Source: Adam Ondra

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