Photographer Contribution Guidelines

Dear Photographer,

Thanks for your interest in Climbing Magazine. As you’re probably aware, photography is Climbing’s lifeblood. We pride ourselves on running the best, most exciting, and most experimental climbing photography in the world. We’re glad that you are interested in helping us convey passion for the sport through photography. What follows are our photographer’s guidelines, but we’d also like to suggest that you refer to recent issues of Climbing and spend some time studying our look for an idea of the type of photos we run.

We’re wide open on subject and style as long as the photo has something to do with climbing. Our pages are filled with explosive energy, exquisite light, amazing places, and climbers pushing limits everywhere from the unexplored regions in Greenland to the back streets of urban bouldering. We are always looking for crisp, beautiful imagery that inspires and awes. We also love the weird and the wild, both in climbing and photography, be they black & white, cross processing, high grain, or any other creative approach. In short, we’re looking for bold and exciting photos — images that capture the energy and passion of hard-core climbing.

Please note that Climbing Magazine operates under a 100 percent digital workflow (see guidelines below). We now only accept negatives and slides after a pre-arranged agreement.

Photos for print consideration must be submitted digitally via online gallery, or FTP. Lo-res files may also be submitted via email to Please be sure to include a text file with caption information in your email. 

Thanks for your contribution. We appreciate your interest and support in Climbing, and we look forward to working with you in the future.