About Susan E.B. Schwartz


I started rock and ice climbing in 1991 and started writing for the climbing magazines that same year. (My first piece was for Climbing Magazine about bouldering at Rat Rock in Central Park). I wrote regularly for both Climbing and Rock and Ice until I started a biography of the great Gunks and medical pioneer, Hans Kraus (Into the Unknown), married (a fellow Gunks climber), started a family (my children are 9 and 6), and kept working my fulltime corporate job in New York. Climbing used to take up all my free time, but now I’m a freelance writer, trying like so many of us, to find ways to fit climbing into my family schedule. Currently I’m collaborating on a book with the mountaineer, Carlos Buhler.

For more about Susan visit her website: www.theschwartzspot.com

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