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Andy Mann - Pro BlogsLast year, he nailed feature covers for Climbing and Urban Climber, produced the documentary film Rocky Mountain Highball, and was recently featured on at Momentum Video Magazine for his work. Click Here for ANDY MANN'S Blogs

Mann - Pro Blog 5Updated 07/29/2008 - Capetown, South Africa - Good News! - Sun, Sun, Sun. A big african ball of fire and a high pressure system that can grease your tips like an egg pan! We havent seen rain for weeks now and things are going well. Beth Rodden asked me this morning for the up-tinth-million time: "When are you gonna update your blog!?!"Mann - Pro Blog 4Updated 07/09/2008 - Capetown, South Africa - Good News or Bad News? - Rain, Rain, Rain. I'm talkin' about a costal African low pressure system that will have you crying to mommy. We have been passing the times pretty hard lately folks. Roads are completely washed out, boulders are soaked, and our fire wood is now sopping wet.Mann - Pro Blog 3Updated 06/30/2008 - Capetown, South Africa - Told you so, HA! Psyched, stoked, happy — all the standard superlatives apply. Good ol' sunshine. It just makes me want to sing songs by The Allman Brothers and eat a goddamn peach, I'll tell ya. This morning we realized that the rains had brought a load of toads into the dried-out swimming pool in our yard.Mann - Pro Blog 2Updated 06/24/2008 - Capetown, South Africa - Well, the pieces are still in place; just nowhere to move them. Tomorrow may prove to be the fifth straight day of rain. Way too many, if you ask me. The roads are starting to wash out and the games are getting old. We got pretty bored and cut Paul’s hair, and then arranged his clippings into different words. That’s right.Mann - Pro Blog 1Updated 06/19/2008 - Capetown, South Africa - The pieces are in place. Jet lag isn't even the word. Summer, Colorado > nine-hour flight > London, England > eight-hour time difference > 10-hour layover > 12-hour flight > winter, Capetown: I get into the car on the opposite side, shifting gears with my left hand as I slide into rush-hour traffic, and drive north on the other side of the road.