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Angela Payne – Pro BlogsBorn and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Angela Payne began climbing indoors at the age of eleven. Payne spent the next five years participating in junior sport climbing competitions before becoming focused on bouldering.

Payne – Pro Blog 3Updated 03/28/2008 – We decided to spend five weeks on Swiss granite and three on French sandstone. I was worried that my time here would be spent sitting in front of some isolated 8b+ that I couldn’t touch while the boys threw themselves at it. I soon learned that having enough to climb on in Switzerland was a laughable concern.Payne – Pro Blog 2Updated 02/29/2008 – After leaving the South and making the boring two day drive across Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas, we arrived in Hueco Tanks. The last time Jamie and I spent a long time here was two years ago on our first big road trip. Because of increased media coverage and the publication of the guide book, Hueco was a madhouse that year.Payne – Pro Blog 1Updated 02/07/2008 – I’m on the road again. It’s been a year and a half since my last big climbing trip, so I am excited to be traveling. It took a few days to fall back into the groove of living out of a truck and climbing all the time, but I can’t complain. I have a great trip ahead of me that will take me to the southeast, Hueco, Switzerland and France.