By the Numbers (Spring 2021 Edition)

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Zhengjie Wu / Getty Images

29,031.69 ft/ 8848.86 m

—New height of Everest, as jointly announced by Nepal and China on December 8, 2020, following new geodetic surveys by both countries.

29,017 ft / 8,844 m

—Number previously maintained by China, using rock height (under the snow), per a 2005 survey by India (source: Wall Street Journal).

29,028 ft

—Number previously given by Nepal, using snow height, from a 1954 measurement (WSJ).

Mary Mecklenburg


—Tries it took for Carlo Traversi to succeed on the crux of The Dominator, a landmark Camp 4, Yosemite, boulder problem, sticking with the original sequence rather than the newer heel hook. He posted: “What Jerry [Moffatt] accomplished in 1993, with this move, was a big step forward. I’ve given this move more attempts than any other in my nearly 20 years of climbing …. [It] taught me more about how to move proficiently as a climber than anything else I’ve encountered.”


—Boulders of 8C and 8C+ established by Traversi. As, which also credited him for the first repeat of Meltdown (5.14c trad), noted, “The 32-year-old has one of the most impressive multi-discipline tick lists out there.”

Mary Mecklenburg


—Traversi’s new route Empath, Tahoe, California.