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REEL ROCK Flim Tour Blogs by Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer / www.reelrocktour.comThe 3rd Annual REEL ROCK FILM TOUR is rolling with already sold out shows at over 80 locations world wide! CLICK HERE To Watch the Reel Rock Film Tour Trailer

Reel Rock Film Tour Sweepstakes presented by Windstopper and The North FaceEnter now for a chance to win a Cipher Windstopper Jacket from The North Face. WINDSTOPPER provides apparel manufacturers with proprietary technologies for keeping consumers warm and comfortable – ie. warm fuzzies - with its windproofness, breathability and water resistance. Peter Mortimer - Pro Blog 1There are so many times during the making of a film when it doesn’t feel worth it: waiting out weather on location for weeks on end, spinning wheels during all-nighters in the editing room, watching your cash fly out the door as your forearms get weaker.Josh Lowell - Pro Blog 1A few years ago, when we released our movie Pilgrimage, we did a 12-city screening tour. My brother Brett and I drove around the US with the stars of the movie, Chris Sharma, Katie Brown, and Nate Gold, going from theater to theater and sharing our work with climbers. The screenings were a huge success, but the effort of putting them together was overwhelming, and the driving was way too much (Katie even totalled her car).2008 Reel Rock Film Tour Premiere at the Boulder Theatre - Photo GalleryPhotos courtesy of the - The thousand-seat Boulder Theater was packed to the gills on Wednesday, September 10th, 2008 for the launch of the 2008 REEL ROCK Film Tour and to celebrate the release of the new film, The Sharp End. Huge thanks to all the locals who came out. Windstopper and Gore-tex had their mobile weather machine there, and 99.5 The Mountain radio from Denver was broadcasting live. 2008 REEL ROCK Film TourThe 3rd Annual REEL ROCK FILM TOUR is rolling, with already sold out shows at over 80 locations world wide! To check out the tour schedule and film trailers, go to: During September and October, The 2008 REEL ROCK Tour will be thrilling crowds from New Paltz to Cape Town and dozens of points in between with the best climbing and outdoor adventure films of the year.About Josh LowellJosh Lowell has been climbing and making movies about climbing almost as long as you've been watching them. Remember Rampage (1999), Dosage Volume 1 (2001), Pilgrimage (2003), Dosage Volume 2 (2004), Dosage Volume 3 (2005), King Lines (2007)? Superstar talents like Chris Sharma, Katie Brown, Tommy and Beth Caldwell, Jason Kehl and Obe Carrion have made all of their projects BIG when it comes to high flyin' sports action.About Peter MortimerBoulder Colorado based climber and filmmaker Peter Mortimer has always been obsessed with adventure and climbing in the mountains. After getting a BA (with honors) in geology from Colorado College he decided what he really wanted to do is make movies, so he got an MFA from USC's School of Cinema and Television. Then he set off to produce something about what makes trad climbers tick and and that film became Scary Faces (2000).About WINDSTOPPERGet more from your outdoor experience. WINDSTOPPER® fabrics are engineered for peak performance and total comfort, even in wind, light rain or snow. Pushing yourself harder - or just taking it easy - has never felt so good. WINDSTOPPER® fabrics are constructed by laminating our special membrane to a wide range of functional fabrics selected according to the final product's intended use. Visit and for more information.About The North FaceWe are named for the coldest, most unforgiving side of a mountain. We have helped explorers reach the most unfathomable heights of the Himalayas. But The North Face legend begins, ironically, on a beach. More precisely, San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, at an altitude of only 150 feet above sea level.GORE INVITES CONSUMERS TO “FEEL GOOD AND LOOK GOOD" THIS FALL AT GIVEAWARMFUZZY.COM10/17/08 - Reinforcing its commitment to growing participation in the outdoors, W.L. Gore & Associates, respected worldwide for its GORE-TEX® fabric technologies, announced today the launch of Reel Rock Film Tour TrailerDuring September and October, The 2008 REEL ROCK Tour will be thrilling crowds from New Paltz to Cape Town and dozens of points in between with the best climbing and outdoor adventure films of the year. Hightlights include: REEL ROCK Filmmaking Competition Winners, Grand Canyon Walls, The Sharp End, South Africa, The Aerialist, and On Sight. For more info visit: www.reelrocktour.comThe Sharp End TrailerBy Peter Mortimer and Nick Rosen / — Enter the danger zone with legendary climbers Tommy Caldwell, Steph Davis, Matt Segal, Lisa Rands, Ammon McNeely, Alex Honnold, Chris McNamara, Dean Potter, Renan Ozturk, Jonny Copp and many others.ONSIGHT PreviewNo rehearsal, have you got the balls for it? A featured film in the 2008 Reel Rock Film Tour. From desperate, barely there trad leads to wild ice climbs — take a ride on some really BIG falls and first-time sends. "The onsight experience is right at the guts of it all" ONSIGHT — A new film by Alasair Lee out Autumn 2008