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About Greg BurnsGreg had a mud waterfall roll over the top of the cliff, run down his sleeves, and squirm into his pants on his very first climb at Rosyth Quarry in Scotland in 1999. Since then, climbing has become his main escape in life. While he takes the obligatory trip away from the northeast each year, he can be found the Gunks, North Conway, Cannon Mountain, the Adirondacks, and a few of the smaller crags that dot New England. Click Here for GREG BURNS' Blogs. Get the RSS FeedEMMANUEL LACOSTE'S BLOG

About Emmanuel LacosteEmmanuel Lacoste, Eman to most, was 13 years old and hiking in Pinnacles National Monument the first time he saw rock climbers. A month later he did his first route at Goat Rock State Park on the California Coast and has not stopped climbing since. Emmanuel moved to South East Asia in 2000 and started developing new crags in Okinawa, China, Hong Kong, and now Indonesia. Click Here for EMMANUEL LACOSTE'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedDANIEL HOLZ'S BLOG

About Daniel HolzAfter spending the first 25 years of his life in rural New Jersey, Dan packed up his truck with a few essentials and a haul bag full of gear and headed West. He has worn many hats since escaping eight years ago: tour guide at Sea World in San Diego, photo production assistant in Denver, gear slinger for an outdoor retailer, then promoted to head gear slinger and sent to Seattle. Click Here for DANIEL HOLZ'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedSARA LINGAFELTER'S BLOG

About Sara LingafelterSara is a climber, writer, outdoor industry newbie, and recovering attorney based in the Pacific Northwest. When not writing about climbing, Sara can be found climbing indoors at locations around Washington, outdoors around the Western United States, or, striking up conversations with other climbers at the crag and other climbing haunts. Click Here for SARA LINGAFELTER'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedMISTY MURPHY'S BLOG

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About Misty MurphyMisty, from Salt Lake City, Utah (currently residing in St. George, UT) is a musician who took up rock climbing 12 years ago. In that time she has wandered the desert of the western US searching for virgin limestone with her husband and climbing partner Bill Ohran. This passion led her to set up base in Southern Utah, where she has bolted sport routes and found new climbing areas. Misty has redpointed 5.13 while still pursuing her other passion, music. Click Here for MISTY MURPHY'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedSUSAN E.B. SCHWARTZ'S BLOG

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About Susan E.B. SchwartzI started rock and ice climbing in 1991 and started writing for the climbing magazines that same year. (My first piece was for Climbing Magazine about bouldering at Rat Rock in Central Park). I wrote regularly for both Climbing and Rock and Ice until I started a biography of the great Gunks and medical pioneer, Hans Kraus (Into the Unknown), married (a fellow Gunks climber), started a family (my children are 9 and 6), and kept working my fulltime corporate job in New York. Click Here for SUSAN E.B. SCHWARTZ'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedBRIAN DICKINSON'S BLOG

About Brian DickinsonAfter serving 6 years as a US Navy Air Rescue Swimmer, Brian moved to the Pacific Northwest where his love for extreme sports and mountaineering could properly be fulfilled. His venture to climb the 7 summits has allowed him to travel the world while making a difference one mountain at a time. Click Here for BRIAN DICKINSON'S Blogs.


About Kaare IversonSince his first whipper and the surge of misdirect aggression and adrenaline that followed, Kaare has spent an unreasonable amount of time obsessing over the sport of climbing. Climbing now for the last year or so in Asia, Kaare is packed up and climbing his way from the limestone of China to the granite slabs of Norway. Click Here for KAARE IVERSON'S Blog. Get the RSS FeedERICA LINEBERY'S BLOG

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About Erica LineberryErica Lineberry's love for nature and the mountains took on a new twist in 2006 when she discovered the joys of rock climbing with a hired guide in Squamish on a rest day from a Whistler Ski vacation. She knew right away that she was hooked! Since then, Erica has now climbed all over the Southeast, Mexico, and Utah, with a return trip back to Squamish to climb The Chief. Click Here for ERICA LINEBERRY'S Blog. Get the RSS FeedSARAH JANE ALEXANDER'S BLOG

About Sarah Jane Alexander Transplanted from Oregon, I lived in California for eight years before I discovered what truly endeared the state to my heart: the plentiful and diverse rocks! After my first ascent in June 2008, I was hooked on climbing. Besides being a writer, artist and editor, I am a spiritual philosopher who analyzes life endlessly. Click Here for SARAH JANE ALEXANDER 'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedBRUCE WILLEY'S BLOG

About Bruce WilleyWhen he was but two and a half, Bruce Willey ran away from home, walking seven crow miles only to spend the night in the hills above San Bernardino with his dog. This may be where the oft quoted “raised by coyotes” mythology originates, but still does a lot to explain his life since. Armed with a tape recorder, camera, and a shovel, Bruce Willey is now a freelance writer of somewhat semi-wide acclaim. Click Here for BRUCE WILLEY'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedNILES BARNES' BLOG

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About Niles BarnesNiles Barnes passion for climbing runs deep, from ice to trad to sport to bouldering — he loves to do it all and suggests that specialization is for insects. Since moving to KY six years ago, he's been fortunate to climb in some beautiful areas in the US and Canada, in France, Switzerland and a bit in Argentina. Click Here for NILES BARNES' Blogs. Get the RSS FeedGREGORY BAHR'S BLOG

About Gregory BahrGreg has one purpose in life and that’s to climb. He has said screw you to the paved path to the corporate world and has escaped to the outer limits of society to find his true self in nature even though he had to push aside work, family, friends, and even some of his better knowledge to do so. Rocks are his security. his passion, his life, and the greatest beauty he has ever been surrounded by. Click Here for GREGORY BAHR'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedMARTIN GUTMANN'S BLOG

About Martin GutmannPerpetual Student, Climber, Historian, Writer - The greatest thing about being a graduate student is having complete freedom to decide when to do the 18 hours of work you have each day. My dissertation is always there, weighing on my mind like a number five cam on the back gear loop. I spend most of my time holed up in a dark, Marxist-infested Ithaca coffee shop or chasing those elusive dissertation sources in Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Bern and the library. Click Here for MARTIN GUTMANN'S Blogs. Get the RSS Feed

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