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PRO BLOGSPro Bloggers: Angela Payne, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Freddie Wilkinson, Josune Bereziartu, Ethan Pringle, Tim Kemple, Justin Roth, Dave MacLeod, Lauren Lee, Joe Kinder, Andy Mann


About Josh LowellandAbout Peter MortimerREEL ROCK Film Tour maestros Josh Lowell and Peter Mortimer give us the full scoop on the biggest and best climbing supershow of the year. Click here for the REEL ROCK FILM TOUR BLOGDAVE MACLEOD'S PROBLOG

About Dave MacLeodOver the past few years this 29-year-old, mild-mannered Scot has displayed a relish for unnerving feats on ice and rock, writing new legends into the history of 800-year-old Clan MacLeod, whose motto is “Hold fast!” Click Here for DAVE MACLEOD'S BlogsANGELA PAYNE'S PROBLOG

About Angela PayneA seasoned competitor, Payne started in junior sport climbing comps before becoming obsessed with bouldering. Click Here for ANGELA PAYNE'S BlogsETHAN PRINGLE'S PROBLOG

About Ethan PringleBorn and raised in the Mission district of San Francisco, Ethan Pringle has been climbing since he was 8 years old. His tick list includes some of the hardest routes and boulder problems in the world. Click Here for ETHAN PRINGLE'S BlogsJOSUNE BEREZIARTU'S PROBLOG

About Josune BereziartuShe climbs at a level far beyond the rest of the women in the world. She was the first to do 5.14b (8c) by climbing Honky Tonky in May of 1998. Click Here for JOSUNE BEREZIARTU'S BlogsTIM KEMPLE'S PROBLOG

About Tim KempleSeasoned and traveled, yet still in his 20's, he's been Climbing Magazine's Senior Contributing Photographer, as well as been published in dozens of outdoor publications. Click Here for TIM KEMPLE'S Blogs


About Joe KinderJoe Kinder’s first climb was in Estes Park on a family vacation when he was 13, but it wasn’t until two years later, while living in New Hampshire, that Joe became fully overtaken by climbing. He eats, sleeps and breathes climbing…completely obsessed. Click Here for JOE KINDER'S Blogs. Get the RSS FeedLAUREN LEE'S PROBLOG

About Lauren LeeThis seasoned professional climber has based out of Hurricane, Utah since 2003, in which time she has proven herself as one of the strongest women in the country with an extensive tick list, reaching up to V10 and 5.14. Click Here for LAUREN LEE'S BlogsANDY MANN'S PROBLOG

About Andy MannLast year, he nailed feature covers for Climbing and Urban Climber, produced the documentary film Rocky Mountain Highball, and was recently featured on at Momentum Video Magazine for his work. Click Here for ANDY MANN'S BlogsDAVE GRAHAM'S PROBLOG

About Dave GrahamDave Graham climbs everything from the hardest boulder problems in the world to the hardest sport routes; his passion for the sport permeates his entire being. He stands as today's strongest advocate for difficulty climbing in the world. Click Here for DAVE GRAHAM'S BlogsFREDDIE WILKINSON'S PROBLOG

About Freddie WilkinsonStraight outta New Hampshire comes one of the mountain world's top talents, Freddie Wilkinson, with some Yankee wit and a damned funny take on the life of a traveling alpinist. CLICK HERE for FREDDIE WILKINSON'S BlogsDANIEL WOOD'S PROBLOG

About Daniel WoodsHis love for climbing can be described as "complete obsession."Bouldering is his forté with sends of Jade (V15) and New Base Line (V14), but hard sport routes are also his speciality like Necessary Evil (5.14c) and Livin Astro (5.14c). Click Here for DANIEL WOODS'S Blogs