Cragsters: Meet the Crag Royal


Presenting Cragsters, a series of illustrations and descriptions by Adam Nawrot of climber-types. Cut ’em out, collect ’em, laugh, cry, or rage—just remember, don’t judge, because we’ve all been one type of Cragster or another.

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The Crag Royal.

“TSSSAAATTT!” The cry of the Crag Royal bounces off the cliffs. Fret not, however, for she is only performing a vocal display to let others know she’s #tryingrealrealhard. The Crag Royal typically sticks to one-pitch sport routes free of pesky distractions like anchor-building, route-finding, and topouts, freeing her to focus on “fingerlock gastons,” Egyptians, kneescums, and advanced stick- and rodeo-clipping. You may occasionally find her plugging trad pro as long as it’s no larger than hand size, the rock is perfect, the approach is sub-10-minutes, and someone is there to ‘Gram it. You’ll also find her enjoying #vanlife in her 60K Sprinter, freelancing on the road at some vaguely defined tech job, and taking up two parking spaces at the cliff.

Dreams of

  • Top 100 placement in the USA on
  • Fresh meat on the climber-dating scene
  • Finding a secret new crux kneescum on Chuff-O-Rama-Thon
  • Holiday grades, everywhere—everywhere!
  • 4WD and 16-inch-lift Sprinter upgrade

Stomping Grounds

  • Rifle, Colorado
  • Red River Gorge, Kentucky
  • Rumney, New Hampshire
  • Smith Rock, Oregon
  • Squamish, British Columbia
  • Mesquite, Nevada
  • Anywhere you can yell “¡A muerte!” with abandon


  • Redpoint
  • Flash
  • Whipper
  • Conditions
  • Kneebar
  • Chains
  • Belay glasses
  • Project
  • Proj
  • Projy-proj
  • Rest day
  • Ticklist
  • Send
  • Beta

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